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Why You Should Apply for a VA Loan
VA loans make it possible for many who would not otherwise qualify, get a home loan. Conventional loans require a down payment and VA loans don’t. In effect, your service to your country qualifies as your down payment. In addition interest rates for VA loans are competitive and you won’t have to pay for private mortgage insurance. This can save you thousands over the life of the loan. Also because VA loans are backed by the government it’s possible you may qualify with a lower credit score.
Getting Pre-Approved Is Your First Step
The process is simple. When you complete the form below and submit, a local loan officer will call you and take your loan application. Your financial situation will be assessed by the lender and once you are approved a letter will be issued for you to provide to your real estate agent. You are now ready for some serious house hunting!
It is important to note that you may be approved for a lot more than you than you are comfortable spending. You can use the mortgage calculator on this site or the loan officer can tell you what your monthly payment will be for a given amount.
For active duty veterans, your Basic Allowance for Housing could effectively pay for your home purchase making it a no-brainer. And finally, there’s no pre-payment penalty. So if you find yourself in a situation where you need to sell, you are free to do so. By paying off the current balance, you not only avoid additional interest payments, but you can also restore your eligibility. This means you can use your VA home loan again.
Do not delay. If interest rates increase, it means you will pay more for your dream house. Fill out the form below to take advantage of the benefits you’ve earned!

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